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Preface - Solid State Tesla Coil - 12V

A lot of Application based on high voltage. For this reason i decidet to make a Tesla Coil. Output voltage and current was the next question. The more the merrier :-) but the risk involved also. It´s true that sparks over 6 feet looks very impressiv, but i need suitable rooms for it an it´s danger to life. So i build a mini Tesla-Coil SSTC with a operating d.c. voltage between 12V and 18V.
A Tesla coil is a type of resonant transformer circuit. It is used to produce high voltage, relatively high current, and high frequency (200-400KHz) alternating current electricity.

Nikola Tesla *1856 +1943

Inventor of the TESLA-COIL

The Control

Left the circuit board after etching and on the right side the positive photo-resist.
I have the connection diagram and the layout for the control of the SSTC from the following website:
At first go all to be ok and i doesn´t destroy any parts of this (particularly with MOSFET). It is a very good solid circuit.

And here there is the layout as pdf file to download Klick!
The finished circuit from the SSTC in a opening housing. On the right side is a switch to control the secondary coil (oscillating circuit), because i used the Tesla Coil with and without Toroid. So i must change the resonance frequency for it.
On the left the power connection for 12V d.c. voltage, maximum current is 5 Ampere. So approx. 0.7 to 4A flows depending upon adjusted clock frequency (potentiometer). With the clock frequency stops the number of sparks per second. This is comparable with amplitude modulation.
Back view with the over size heat sink. Left the connectors to the primary coil.

The Coil

To spool i used a PVC drain pipe with a diameter of 75mm. The wire ( lacquer-coated wire) has a diameter of 0,15mm and is provided with 1400 turns. That results in a coil length of 210mm. The relationship diameter to length is thus nearly the ideal value of 1:3. And in 3-4 hours one already created the winding of the coil: -)
The finished developed Tesla coil with a resonance of 235KHz with installed Toroid and 335KHz without Toroid.
Thus arise for the resonant circuit: 33µH with 20nF with Toroid (Top load) and 33µH with 10nF without Toroid. I used two condensers of each 10nF, which over a switch is parallel switched. So I can use the Tesla coil with or without Toroid.
The primary coil consists of two turns moving in opposite directions (diameter 3mm copper) and is naturally height adjustable. It´s only allways one of the booth turns in use. Thus those lets the full operating tension use of 12V.
The connecting kit with the engraved portrait of the inventor Nikola Tesla.

In Use

The coil runs by a Lead rechargeable battery 12V. In the best case scenario I reached sparks over 10cm. if we could assume that: per 1mm corresponds 1000V then that we come up to 100,000 V. Full power :-)
With longer exposure time comes to amazing effects. At all the photos look better than in the reality.
Spark discharges on the Toroid.
With longer exposure time and with a grounded copper-wire fast drawn back and forth.
Beautifully. Corona discharges at a twisted copper-wire.
And once more.
Any nice effects can be generated at plastic surfaces.
Above with the wire back and forth pulled also mad effects result in.
Stressed CPU.
That CPU has a little bug now.
Air discharges
Discs of an old hard drive.
Only one disc.
Here a wire against a chromed steel ball.
Now the Toroid is isulated to the secondary coil.
Graphic card: Test of the extra class!
The good old Edison bulb is to be used as a plasma ball.
Plasma ball
And everything shines, in order to approximately come into the vicinity of the SSTC.

Mr. 1.000.000 Volt

Corona discharge out of the hand from Mr. Sparkman.
An energy-saving lamp begins to shine.
Does not shine more brightly.
A faraday cage protect him.
Electron shower

Video      My channel on YouTube


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Comments and questions (16)

  • Comment by Smallscaleteslacoil 26.08.2015, 13.49

    I am an electronics hobbiyist who would carry out this tesla coil.
    If you could give me the schematic on my mail adress(here is my,it would be really nice.
    (im sorry for the mistakes,I'm French and I use Google translation

  • Comment by marek 28.04.2015, 23.03

    Pekne na pucu -____________- mas tam chyby nejde to proste kokot si vyhorelo to no proste jsi kokot !!!!!! -_- -_- az mi to poradne nevyfotis tak te budu hejtovat !!!!! Zmrdecku

  • Comment by Rick 31.03.2015, 14.52

    Fantasztikus munkát. Hi scientest. Csak azt akartam tudni dolgozni a mini Tesla tekercs 3 curcuit. Kérjük, adja néhány sor után NE555 kimenet.

  • Comment by Joseph Wager 06.10.2014, 07.23

    Schöner Text. Ähnlich hammer, wie daddeln selbst. So verschrieen zocken auch sei, so
    steht ja glücklicherweise fest, dass das Spielen, ein dem Alter angemessenes
    Spiel vorausgesetzt, förderlich für die Stressbewältigungskapazität des Spielenden sein kann.
    Beim Spielen lernt man fernab vom Alltag schneller als üblich zu Entscheiden und seine Prioritäten zu setzen. Einige
    Computerspiele vermitteln überdies auch Basiswissen über Management
    und fördern logisches Denken. Selbst die verrissenen MMOs können doch nur zu oft den falsch vermittelten Effekt
    der sozialen Verwahrlosung} invertieren. Der
    Spieler kann zwar schon einigen wenigen Freaks begegnen,
    doch findet man sehr oft in seinem favorisierten Game Gleichgesinnte.

    Kurz und Knapp: daddeln ist das Beste überhaupt! Ungeachtet des Games und ob PC,
    Konsole,Handy,etc. , Daddeln ist ein Kulturgut.

  • Comment by Fabio 27.11.2013, 18.03

    Nice job!
    You are great!

    Only one question: in the link that you indicated you used the last diagram? Mini tesla tekercs 3?


  • Comment by Bernardo 26.09.2013, 13.49

    Congratulations! Awesome effects.

    Have you ever seen de Jeanna’s Joule project. You can search it in ‘YouTube’.

    I know this is a little bit different, but the principle is the same. Also very cool ;)

    Kind regards,

    Lisbon, Portugal, Europe

  • Comment by Richard 09.08.2013, 02.14

    Very impressed by the neatness of your TC project. Never built a tesla coil before but your setup has inspired me to do so. Checked out the circuit link you provided but as many others have already commented its not in English. I don't mind if you could send it to me in German at if you please could.

  • Comment by Skappy 01.08.2013, 15.49

    Dear Sir,
    I'm about to walk on your step and built the same tesla coils as yours... I do not sleep anymore since i have discover your project and your web site.
    I have about the same question as Rahul (Comment by Rahul 18.05.2013, 21.13), May I ask you if you can send me the same explanation as Rahul to

    Thank you very much for your kindness and your help
    Have a nice day

  • Comment by Rahul 18.05.2013, 21.13

    sir,,,i face difficulty to read the material list in the link you\'ve attached in here
    can u tell me the materials list in english send it to my email:
    and sir can u tell me the TR1 ratio,and more about that.

  • Comment by williams ribeiro de faias 12.04.2013, 14.01


  • Comment by Brian 07.11.2012, 05.33

    Wow, this is very interesting project..
    but, it's difficult for me to read the material list in the link you've attached in here

    so, I hope you'd love to tell me the materials list in english. Thank you.

    or send it to my email:

  • Comment by Machete 04.10.2012, 07.12

    what change you made from the original project?
    where do you connect the switch to control the secondary coil?

    Answer: Nothing... any little changes in the layout. The switch is connect to c4.

    C4/2     Switch
    ----||-------- / -------
    | C4/1
    |            L4

  • Comment by ram 05.08.2012, 16.34

    what is main thing to use the sstc?

    Answer: I don't know also :-)

  • Comment by Little 16.04.2012, 04.42

    Can you list all part in English, please?

  • Comment by Little 30.03.2012, 03.53

    I love this project.
    I like to build it one but can you show
    all equipment in English,please.

    In the secondary coil, the GND is connect to
    bettery GND,isn't it?
    Could you tell me?

    Thanks a lot.

    E-mail :

    Answer: Look in the schematic and you will see that the secondary not connect to GND.

  • Comment by Dat Truong 21.03.2011, 18.33

    Guten Tag

    After looking through your Tesla Coil demonstration i became fascinated by the neat models and part of your Tesla Coil. I did research several places and could not get pieces like the one you have, by any chance would you reveal the secret place of how to obtain such pieces to assemble the small, portable Tesla Coil like yours??
    If you can please hit me back at

    Thank you

    Answer: All parts on this site for the tesla coil are self made.

    Required parts:

    Copper, stainless steel, soil pipe and any other materials. All parts you will get from ebay.

    Take four stainless steel elbow pipes and arrange
    it to a toroid and welded it together. Then it must be sanded.

    And you need also:

    A cnc milling machine and a welder and a cnc turning!
    Sorry, but I was bored.

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