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Preface - Solid State Tesla Coil - 12V

A lot of Application based on high voltage. For this reason i decidet to make a Tesla Coil. Output voltage and current was the next question. The more the merrier :-) but the risk involved also. It´s true that sparks over 6 feet looks very impressiv, but i need suitable rooms for it an it´s danger to life. So i build a mini Tesla-Coil SSTC with a operating d.c. voltage between 12V and 18V.
A Tesla coil is a type of resonant transformer circuit. It is used to produce high voltage, relatively high current, and high frequency (200-400KHz) alternating current electricity.

Nikola Tesla *1856 +1943

Inventor of the TESLA-COIL

The Control

Left the circuit board after etching and on the right side the positive photo-resist.
I have the connection diagram and the layout for the control of the SSTC from the following website:
At first go all to be ok and i doesn´t destroy any parts of this (particularly with MOSFET). It is a very good solid circuit.

And here there is the layout as pdf file to download Klick!
The finished circuit from the SSTC in a opening housing. On the right side is a switch to control the secondary coil (oscillating circuit), because i used the Tesla Coil with and without Toroid. So i must change the resonance frequency for it.
On the left the power connection for 12V d.c. voltage, maximum current is 5 Ampere. So approx. 0.7 to 4A flows depending upon adjusted clock frequency (potentiometer). With the clock frequency stops the number of sparks per second. This is comparable with amplitude modulation.
Back view with the over size heat sink. Left the connectors to the primary coil.

The Coil

To spool i used a PVC drain pipe with a diameter of 75mm. The wire ( lacquer-coated wire) has a diameter of 0,15mm and is provided with 1400 turns. That results in a coil length of 210mm. The relationship diameter to length is thus nearly the ideal value of 1:3. And in 3-4 hours one already created the winding of the coil: -)
The finished developed Tesla coil with a resonance of 235KHz with installed Toroid and 335KHz without Toroid.
Thus arise for the resonant circuit: 33µH with 20nF with Toroid (Top load) and 33µH with 10nF without Toroid. I used two condensers of each 10nF, which over a switch is parallel switched. So I can use the Tesla coil with or without Toroid.
The primary coil consists of two turns moving in opposite directions (diameter 3mm copper) and is naturally height adjustable. It´s only allways one of the booth turns in use. Thus those lets the full operating tension use of 12V.
The connecting kit with the engraved portrait of the inventor Nikola Tesla.

In Use

The coil runs by a Lead rechargeable battery 12V. In the best case scenario I reached sparks over 10cm. if we could assume that: per 1mm corresponds 1000V then that we come up to 100,000 V. Full power :-)
With longer exposure time comes to amazing effects. At all the photos look better than in the reality.
Spark discharges on the Toroid.
With longer exposure time and with a grounded copper-wire fast drawn back and forth.
Beautifully. Corona discharges at a twisted copper-wire.
And once more.
Any nice effects can be generated at plastic surfaces.
Above with the wire back and forth pulled also mad effects result in.
Stressed CPU.
That CPU has a little bug now.
Air discharges
Discs of an old hard drive.
Only one disc.
Here a wire against a chromed steel ball.
Now the Toroid is isulated to the secondary coil.
Graphic card: Test of the extra class!
The good old Edison bulb is to be used as a plasma ball.
Plasma ball
And everything shines, in order to approximately come into the vicinity of the SSTC.

Mr. 1.000.000 Volt

Corona discharge out of the hand from Mr. Sparkman.
An energy-saving lamp begins to shine.
Does not shine more brightly.
A faraday cage protect him.
Electron shower

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